5 Reasons You Need Waterproof LabelsWaterproof labels are far more durable and long lasting than regular ones. Waterproof name labels make a great addition to any mom’s repertoire of organizational toolkit, especially when it comes to kids. Notorious for losing things, both moms and kids benefit from waterproof labels to help keep organized and tidy. Here are 5 things you can put waterproof labels on.

Labels for Water Bottles

If you send your child off to daycare or school with a generic water bottle, how do they know it’s theirs when put on a table with several others of the same brand? Things can get mixed up quickly and you don’t want your child drinking from someone else’s bottle, and vice versa.

Waterproof labels are also great for personalized bottles, and they won’t end up in the lost and found box. They are dishwasher safe so you don’t have to worry about replacing the water bottle labels every time you wash the bottle.

Labels for Kids Clothing

Let’s face it, kids get messy! With custom clothing labels that are waterproof, you can wash their clothes every day without fear of your child’s name wearing off or the label peeling off in the wash. Shirts, pants, sweaters, and hats can all be labeled with confidence.

Labels for Toys

Blocks, stuffed animals, puzzles, and a host of other toys will need personalized labels, especially if those toys go to school or daycare. Waterproof labels, such as Baby Smiles labels, will ensure that the toys that go out of your home come back again and not in the lost and found bin. Of course, these need to be washed on a regular basis, and with waterproof labels, you can have peace of mind knowing that the labels will hold up in the water.

Labels for Coats

Even though kids have hooks at school or daycare, there always seems to be times when your child’s coat ends up on someone else’s hook, or gets lost entirely. Waterproof name labels will help teachers find coats quickly. And for those rainy or snowy days when everyone is bound to get wet, the coats will not lose the labels. So let them build a snowman or play in the rain!

Labels for Mittens/scarves

Mittens are like socks, the dryer likes to eat them! While labels may not be able to help with this problem per se, they can help keep things organized at school so they can be found easily. Waterproof labels should be included in the “necessary school supplies” list to make things easier for both teachers and kids. Otherwise, too much time is wasted looking for items and kids miss out on outside play. You need a good pair of mittens to play in the snow, whether it’s tobogganing, skiing, or making snow angels. The same goes for scarves! These can easily be thrown in the washing machine with confidence, knowing the labels will stick.

Waterproof name labels come in a variety of designs, colors, and styles. Let your child pick out a few that he likes and let him put the stickers on some of his items. Baby Smiles labels have a variety of waterproof labels to suit your needs. Visit the website today to view their array of products.