5 Reasons You Need Waterproof Labels

5 Reasons You Need Waterproof Labels


5 Reasons You Need Waterproof LabelsWaterproof labels are far more durable and long lasting than regular ones. Waterproof name labels make a great addition to any mom’s repertoire of organizational toolkit, especially when it comes to kids. Notorious for losing things, both moms and kids benefit from waterproof labels to help keep organized and tidy. Here are 5 things you can put waterproof labels on.

Labels for Water Bottles

If you send your child off to daycare or school with a generic water bottle, how do they know it’s theirs when put on a table with several others of the same brand? Things can get mixed up quickly and you don’t want your child drinking from someone else’s bottle, and vice versa.

Waterproof labels are also great for personalized bottles, and they won’t end up in the lost and found box. They are dishwasher safe so you don’t have to worry about replacing the water bottle labels every time you wash the bottle.

Labels for Kids Clothing

Let’s face it, kids get messy! With custom clothing labels that are waterproof, you can wash their clothes every day without fear of your child’s name wearing off or the label peeling off in the wash. Shirts, pants, sweaters, and hats can all be labeled with confidence.

Labels for Toys

Blocks, stuffed animals, puzzles, and a host of other toys will need personalized labels, especially if those toys go to school or daycare. Waterproof labels, such as Baby Smiles labels, will ensure that the toys that go out of your home come back again and not in the lost and found bin. Of course, these need to be washed on a regular basis, and with waterproof labels, you can have peace of mind knowing that the labels will hold up in the water.

Labels for Coats

Even though kids have hooks at school or daycare, there always seems to be times when your child’s coat ends up on someone else’s hook, or gets lost entirely. Waterproof name labels will help teachers find coats quickly. And for those rainy or snowy days when everyone is bound to get wet, the coats will not lose the labels. So let them build a snowman or play in the rain!

Labels for Mittens/scarves

Mittens are like socks, the dryer likes to eat them! While labels may not be able to help with this problem per se, they can help keep things organized at school so they can be found easily. Waterproof labels should be included in the “necessary school supplies” list to make things easier for both teachers and kids. Otherwise, too much time is wasted looking for items and kids miss out on outside play. You need a good pair of mittens to play in the snow, whether it’s tobogganing, skiing, or making snow angels. The same goes for scarves! These can easily be thrown in the washing machine with confidence, knowing the labels will stick.

Waterproof name labels come in a variety of designs, colors, and styles. Let your child pick out a few that he likes and let him put the stickers on some of his items. Baby Smiles labels have a variety of waterproof labels to suit your needs. Visit the website today to view their array of products.

5 Tips for Using Daycare Labels to Organize Toys in Your Classroom

5 Tips for Using Daycare Labels to Organize Toys in Your Classroom

5 Tips for Using Daycare Labels to Organize Toys in Your Classroom

Keeping a classroom organized can be a challenging task, especially with several toddlers running around, seemingly getting into everything. By the end of the day, the daycare room can look like a tornado went through it. So, how do you keep things organized without sacrificing on fun play? Daycare labels of course! Baby smiles labels can help keep you organized, prepared, and sane. Just imagine: at the end of the day, everything is in its proper place and you don’t have to stay late (again!) trying to find Suzy’s bear or Tommy’s truck.

  • Separate into plastic bins: Buy some plastic bins from your local department store; fill each one with a certain toy. One bin for balls, one for play tools, one for stuffed animals, etc. Place each bin on a shelf or in a corner where they can easily be accessed. You can separate daycare supplies and toys from toys brought from home. Personalized labels will help keep things out of the lost and found box.
  • Use pictures and words: For little ones who can’t read yet, use large pictures so they know what goes into each bin. Kids labels can be a combination of pictures and words so that older kids can read it. Place the appropriate labels on each bin. This can work with shelves as well.
  • Have kids help: When children help with an ‘important’ task, they feel more in control and will be more likely to help. They can place stickers on the bins or shelves, and they can help put toys away at the end of the day.
  • Use fun fonts: Labels for kids shouldn’t be dull and boring, so jazz things up a little! Use fun fonts and symbols to create unique works of art that will enhance the look of the classroom.
  • Use lots of color: Don’t be afraid to experiment with color for your personalized labels. Bright bold colors will brighten up the classroom and give kids a fun environment to be in. Kids love color and the more variety you have, the more the kids will appreciate their surroundings. Even little ones who don’t want to be there or have separation anxiety will warm up to a colorful, organized classroom.

Personalized kid’s labels can be used for every toy imaginable and organizational tools like bins and shelves will help keep everything in its place. Baby Smiles labels have a variety of labels and you can customize them to fit your needs. You can experiment with fonts, symbols, colors, and styles to create your own unique set of labels that will set your classroom apart from the rest.

Once you have your toys organized, you can personalize things like the kids’ personal belongings, use labels for their personal space (for coats, bags, lunch, etc.) and a host of other uses. Kids labels are an invaluable resource in the classroom and they are not expensive. In fact, most would say that they are a necessary investment and benefit kids and adults alike. Organization is a skill that kids can learn when they are young, so they can be become organized adults.

Baby Smiles can help with all of your labeling needs. Visit the website today for more information about their range of products.

Top 3 Reasons to Take Baby Smile Labels to Summer Camp

Top 3 Reasons to Take Baby Smile Labels to Summer Camp

Top 3 Reasons to Take Baby Smile Labels to Summer Camp

Both kids and parents love summer camp! It’s a great way for kids to keep busy for a few days in the summer and meet new friends; and parents enjoy (although they may not admit it!) a few days of peace and quiet. With summer camp, though, comes the often tedious task of labeling everything – because what goes to camp should come back from camp! Baby smiles labels offer a wide selection of labels so that you don’t have to worry about your kids’ belongings going into the dark hole that is the summer camp lost and found.

Sharpies can work for some things, but they are not waterproof, and can wear off quickly. Labels that are sewn-in take time (and for today’s moms, time is a precious commodity). The solution? Personalized labels with a strong adhesive that is both durable and waterproof. Here are 3 reasons to take Baby Smile labels to summer camp.


Clothing labels can be used for everything from sweaters to swimsuits. Kids are usually so excited to be at camp that clothes end up on the floor in a heap, mixed in with other kids’ clothing. Having brightly colored or themed personalized labels will make identifying them much easier. You can rest assured that the labels will stay put and that clothing will not get lost among others’ belongings. Even if a pair of pants does end up in the lost and found, it can be easily identified and returned.


Can your child identify his or her lunch among all the others on the table? With kids labels, picking the right lunch bag is easy! Make it bright and fun so it can be picked out quickly. The sooner the lunch is eaten, the sooner they can get on with fun activities? This may not be a consideration for sleep-away camp, but for day camp, it’s absolutely essential.

Water Bottles 

Most water bottles look the same, and when they are bunched together, it’s almost impossible to tell whose is whose. You don’t want your child drinking from someone else’s water bottle. So choose one that is designed differently and label it with your child’s name on it. If the bottle is of a general brand that the camp provides, have your child (if they’re old enough) to put the sticker on themselves. With their name on it, there will be no mistaking it from someone else’s. Water bottle labels are waterproof and durable enough to handle wear and tear.

The labels you choose will depend upon your child’s age and their tastes. Young children may like fun shapes like penguins, hearts or fire trucks. Older ‘tweens’ may not want anything cutesy, but still need labels to keep things organized. You can choose to have their first name and last initial, or their full name put on the labels. They are fully customizable and you will have peace of mind knowing that everything is going to come back safely. Just think of all of the laundry you can do when they get back!

BabySmilesLabels has everything you need to make summer camp a success. Visit their website today to discover their wide selection of personalized labels.

Reasons to Buy Baby’s First Holiday Stickers

Reasons to Buy Baby’s First Holiday Stickers

Reasons to Buy Baby's First Holiday StickersThere is no more joyous event than a new baby. A new life is a great reason to celebrate and bring families together. With a new baby comes many new gifts, and when it comes to babies, there are lots of choices out there. If you’re looking for something truly unique for your baby, consider first holiday stickers. These are both adorable and practical. Here are just some reasons to consider buying baby first holiday stickers:

Unique Baby Shower Gift 

If you want to give a gift that will be remembered and treasured forever, these kid’s labels fit the bill. Most people concentrate on tangible items like clothing, car seats, rattles and toys. First holiday stickers and other clothing labels are a great way to show that you have given a lot of thought to your gift. If there are older siblings, there are “big brother” and “big sister” personalized labels that will make them feel included in the process.


First holiday stickers and baby photo stickers make great mementos and can be put into a scrapbook after they’ve been used. A first Valentine’s Day sticker can be put into a Valentine’s Day scrapbook, or a First Years scrapbook.  Party favor stickers and even daycare labels can be put into a scrapbook for you and your child to cherish forever. Whether you put it in a scrapbook, a photo album, or in a shoe box, these are sure to bring back many memories as the years go by.


Whether it’s a first Christmas, first Easter or first birthday, photos are inevitable! First holiday stickers will make the occasion even more special. Taking photos with the stickers on your baby will remind you of the special event and you won’t have to guess at your child’s age, or what event you were photographing when you review the photos years later.

Party Favors 

If you’re having a birthday party for your child’s first birthday, a first holiday sticker for your child can be accompanied by sticker party favors.  For family members, you can take photos and give them out – they are sure to be treasured for years to come.


Baby’s first holiday stickers, photo stickers and others can be reused. Baby smiles labels can be used once a younger sibling comes along, saving you time, money, and effort.

Grandparent Gift 

Have a photo taken with your baby with his or her first holiday sticker. You can even get a special label or sticker for grandma and grandpa! Then have the photo framed and present it to the grandparents as a gift. It is sure to be a gift they will proudly display in their home. What grandparent doesn’t love to brag about their grandchildren? It’s a fun way to create mementos and keep those memories alive.

First holiday stickers are a fun way to celebrate your baby’s first holidays, from January to December. They come in bright, colorful designs and will enhance any occasion. They make a great gift for new parents and can be saved as mementos for years to come.

BabySmilesLabels specializes in kids clothing labels, photo labels and first holiday stickers. Visit their site today to learn how you can enhance your child’s first holidays.

3 Ways to Jazz Up Your Birthday Stationery with Personalized Stickers

3 Ways to Jazz Up Your Birthday Stationery with Personalized Stickers

3 Ways to Jazz Up Your Birthday Stationery with Personalized StickersDon’t all children love stickers? Yes, it’s a universal choice for kids belonging to different cultural backgrounds, religious affinities, or nationalities. The popularity of stickers is mainly because they have numerous applications and are always in vogue. Stickers are almost synonymous with childhood and all associated activities. It could be a study table, a bed, an envelope, an audio or video equipment, or any other birthday stationery—it is likely that you’ll find a sticker in almost all belongings of children of all ages. However, the quintessential application of stickers, one of the ultimate favorites with children, is personalized stickers to rev up their birthday party. Here are some exclusive ways in which you can jazz up your child’s birthday (or your own!) by generating personalized stickers from a service provider like Baby Smiles Labels.

Create personalized birthday labels

Take the celebrations of your birthday to a new level by using personalized labels. A highly professional setup like Baby Smiles Labels has templates of birthday labels with the choicest color palette, styles, and shapes. All you have to do is add your text, images, and art to generate a jazzy birthday label to spice up the celebrations. The labels could have the photo of the birthday boy or girl, which will add a special touch to the celebrations. The available templates are in hundreds to suit birthday celebrations for a toddler or for a nonagenarian. You can take your pick to easily generate highly customized birthday labels in a jiffy and then place your order quickly and easily. You can order personalized labels for your handmade birthday party favors, special CDs, coasters, mats, note cards, and almost anything associated with the celebrations.

Create highly customized and attractive birthday invites

You could be celebrating the birthday of your kid who’s just turned five or that of your mother who’s turning eighty, but you’ll still need a personalized invite, which can also be customized depending on the nature of the gathering. But the customization will come from special birthday stickers on the invites. To transform your invites, use personalized stickers for enclosures and seals for the envelopes. Your invites are sure to become mementos to preserve.

Use special themes for your celebrations

One of the great advantages of using personalized and customized stickers for your birthday celebration is the ease with which you can convert the usual to the extraordinary. This is especially true for a birthday party. You can generate stickers that reflect your preferred theme by using images and designs of your choice. For instance, you could order stickers to suit a Polka Dot birthday party with a customized numeral corresponding to the birthday, or you could have stickers reflecting a sunset theme, or those with a sport or nature theme.

Personalized stickers from Baby Smiles Labels are highly dynamic and give a new expression to your birthday celebrations. The possibilities are limitless, and it is up to you how to use personalized stickers in the best and most effective way possible to jazz up the party.