Creative Ways to Use Photo Stickers

Photos are perhaps the most personal recordings of moments frozen in time and for eternity. With the advent of digital photography, we click almost anything we see; it could be the neighbor’s cat or a special shade in the sky, the first baby steps of your kid or a special holiday moment with the family. More importantly, photographs are easily stored and accessed on our laptops and smartphones. With instant uploads, photo-sharing has become a norm on social platforms. But there is also an ingenious way to use our photos: create photo stickers in a matter of minutes through online service providers like Baby Smiles Labels and use them in a number of creative ways. Here are some pointers.

Use photos stickers on calendars

Photo stickers can be used to generate personalized jumbo calendars or desk calendars. It’s the best way to customize a year full of memories. Calendars generated by using photo stickers are an ideal gift idea too because they give a personal touch to a rather mundane object like a calendar. You can select the size out of a wide range of options, which adds to this dynamic way of using photo stickers.

Create personalized stickers for your mobile phone

The online marketplace is flooded with mass-produced stickers for your mobile phone. There is a bewildering variety, but many of them are gaudy and do not suit your personality. Instead, you have the option to create incredibly sleek photo stickers customized for your mobile phone. Sounds difficult? Nope, it couldn’t be easier. All you have to do is visit an online service provider like Baby Smiles Labels, choose your template and size, upload your photo instantly, and breeze through the production and order cycle. Soon you’ll have a photo sticker with your uploaded image, which will give your mobile phone a completely different and unique look.

Use photo stickers for effective marketing

Photo stickers can be a simple, and yet highly effective medium of marketing. Communicate your marketing message and brand in a manner that no other campaign can. Using your customized photo stickers—it could be your logo, an image expressing your business motto, or a collage of images reflecting the nature of your business—is a quick-fire strategy to expand your market reach.

To use photo stickers most effectively for your business, you must assess the nature of your target audience and customize your photo stickers accordingly. You can use photo stickers just as you would other marketing materials like brochures and leaflets, but ensure that they do not lose their “fun” side. Bumper stickers constitute another highly popular way of using photo stickers for marketing. A little bit of innovation can help your photo sticker campaign attract your clientele by being a unique factor in the crowded and highly competitive market.

Photo stickers are not only creative, but also non-messy. They have a special adhesive to stick firmly to the surface of almost any object, but you can remove them without leaving a residue. So what are you waiting for you? Go ahead and order your customized photo sticker today. Once you get addicted to the idea, it’ll be very difficult for you to imagine the world without them.