Do You Have Kids with Special Diets? 3 Tips for Using Labels to Distinguish Their Meals from Everyone Else’s

Many children have dietary requirements that are different from those of others. This could be because of food allergies, a special ingredient, or a supplement as advised by the pediatrician. In case your child goes to a child care or day care center, this becomes even more important because of additional factors like cultural or religious differences, or vegetarian or non-vegetarian food, come into the picture. Therefore, it is critical to use food labels for kids to distinguish the food of one child from that of a sibling or other children who are around. However, you need to follow certain tips to make food labels for kids effective.

Make food labels easy for your kid to understand

Food labels that are normally found on ready-to-eat foods are beyond the comprehension of children. Complex data about nutritional content is neither interesting nor comprehensible for young minds. Consequently, kids will not bother to read such food labels, which could lead to undesirable consequences. On the other hand, if you design customized food labels for kids, including water bottle labels, in a way that can be easily understood by your kids, they will find it much easier to identify their special food or drink. Baby Smiles Labels is an excellent option because you can generate personalized food labels for kids in just a few minutes and safeguard your child’s special diet.

Make food labels visually attractive and distinctive

Kids do not like to read a lot of text to know what their food label is about, or to identify their food. Unfortunately, that’s how most food labels are designed, which reduces their effectiveness. However, if you use images on the food label that are easily recognized by our kids, it will go a long way in ensuring that their special diet doesn’t get mixed up with those of other children. If your kids are very young, you could even include images of the ingredients and familiarize your kids with those images beforehand. That will ensure that they never confuse their special food with anybody else’s.

Design food labels according to the “golden ratio”

Market research has shown that food labels designed according to the “golden ratio” principle are more attractive for kids and adults alike. When a label is designed in the proportion of 1:1.618 (length x breadth), you can form a series of rectangles within the label area to provide information about the dietary contents of the food for your child. When you approach a service provider like Baby Smiles Labels, you can follow this design principle to ensure that your kids are drawn to the food label or water bottle label. That will encourage them to identify and ultimately consume their special food without any mistake.

Food labels are extremely important for kids with special diets and you cannot afford to take any risk whatsoever. Follow this set of tips and inculcate a healthy habit in your child to understand the importance of a special diet.