Top 3 Reasons to Take Baby Smile Labels to Summer Camp

Both kids and parents love summer camp! It’s a great way for kids to keep busy for a few days in the summer and meet new friends; and parents enjoy (although they may not admit it!) a few days of peace and quiet. With summer camp, though, comes the often tedious task of labeling everything – because what goes to camp should come back from camp! Baby smiles labels offer a wide selection of labels so that you don’t have to worry about your kids’ belongings going into the dark hole that is the summer camp lost and found.

Sharpies can work for some things, but they are not waterproof, and can wear off quickly. Labels that are sewn-in take time (and for today’s moms, time is a precious commodity). The solution? Personalized labels with a strong adhesive that is both durable and waterproof. Here are 3 reasons to take Baby Smile labels to summer camp.


Clothing labels can be used for everything from sweaters to swimsuits. Kids are usually so excited to be at camp that clothes end up on the floor in a heap, mixed in with other kids’ clothing. Having brightly colored or themed personalized labels will make identifying them much easier. You can rest assured that the labels will stay put and that clothing will not get lost among others’ belongings. Even if a pair of pants does end up in the lost and found, it can be easily identified and returned.


Can your child identify his or her lunch among all the others on the table? With kids labels, picking the right lunch bag is easy! Make it bright and fun so it can be picked out quickly. The sooner the lunch is eaten, the sooner they can get on with fun activities? This may not be a consideration for sleep-away camp, but for day camp, it’s absolutely essential.

Water Bottles 

Most water bottles look the same, and when they are bunched together, it’s almost impossible to tell whose is whose. You don’t want your child drinking from someone else’s water bottle. So choose one that is designed differently and label it with your child’s name on it. If the bottle is of a general brand that the camp provides, have your child (if they’re old enough) to put the sticker on themselves. With their name on it, there will be no mistaking it from someone else’s. Water bottle labels are waterproof and durable enough to handle wear and tear.

The labels you choose will depend upon your child’s age and their tastes. Young children may like fun shapes like penguins, hearts or fire trucks. Older ‘tweens’ may not want anything cutesy, but still need labels to keep things organized. You can choose to have their first name and last initial, or their full name put on the labels. They are fully customizable and you will have peace of mind knowing that everything is going to come back safely. Just think of all of the laundry you can do when they get back!

BabySmilesLabels has everything you need to make summer camp a success. Visit their website today to discover their wide selection of personalized labels.