Our Story

A new baby.  A new mom.  A new product that makes memories last a lifetime.

BabySmiles was started when my little bundle of joy arrived to this new world.  As an excited new mom, I took thousands of photos with my baby and wanted to capture every precious moment. I soon realized an issue when going through the photos. I had to guess my baby’s age in the photos and had a difficult time organizing them into a baby album.

Our StoryFrom there (after countless sleepless nights), BabySmiles monthly photo stickers were born! I had so much fun designing and using these stickers, to document my baby’s special milestones in his first two years of life. It was very easy to use, just peel and stick onto any clothing and snap some photos!   Everyone loves these monthly photos ~ such a great way for family and friends to see your little one’s growth anywhere in the world!

A baby’s smile can melt any mom’s heart, especially when it’s the first. The name “BabySmiles” was inspired by my little one’s first smile.  It was one of first photos I took of him and definitely my favorite.  BabySmiles photo stickers were created from my desire to help parents capture their babies’ precious smiles and special milestones (i.e. first laugh, first tooth, first solid food, and first step). They make your photos truly special ~ make memories last a lifetime.

BabySmilesLabels ~ Stylish. Durable. Affordable.

I was frustrated with my little boy constantly losing his belongings at playgroups and daycare.  It was definitely not fun searching the Lost and Found box, not to mention the significant time and money involved in replacing the lost items! BabySmilesLabels was then born with a simple goal – to create personalized name labels that are stylish, durable, and more importantly, affordable to most families.

Our goal is to ensure that every parent and child can benefit from our labels; they are designed for kids of all ages and every family. With hundreds of designs available for different types of labels, there is definitely one to fit your style.

Created by a busy mom for other busy parents ~ Simple. Practical. Beautiful.

Parenthood is a blessing but can sometimes be overwhelming, whether you are facing serious sleep deprivation with a newborn, working through a tough time with your toddler or struggling to connect with your teen. We know you are busy. We are, too. That is why we create products that are simple, practical and beautiful. Anything we can do to make a parent’s life easier, helping them to save time and money, equals a job well done for us.

Love our customers ~ Your feedback means a lot to us!

Today, my once little baby is turning four soon! Time flies. I feel so blessed to have had an amazing time developing cute products and connecting with wonderful customers around the world. We have received a lot of positive feedback from our customers. We are absolutely touched by every mom who has kindly shared a photo with us, or simply a thank you note.  We love seeing others using our products and BabySmiles becoming a part of their lives (in a beautiful small way). That is the best and most rewarding part of our business ~ we treasure every moment of it.

Our StoryShare the smile.  Don’t forget to tell a friend.

We LOVE referrals! Please help us spread the word and your kind referrals are always appreciated.

Your satisfaction is our top priority and we will always go above and beyond to ensure that you are happy with your purchase.  Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or issues.

BabySmiles takes pride in producing unique, high quality, and beautiful products at affordable prices to our customers.  This goal will remain the same as we continue to expand and introduce more products that will be loved and treasured.  We work tirelessly to get those smiles from our wonderful customers around the world!

Thank you so much for your love and continued support.  We hope you like our unique products as much as we enjoy making them for you!

Liz (Founder) with an awesome BabySmiles team