Sending your little one off to daycare is both exciting and slightly nerve-wracking. It’s hard not to be the one keeping a personal eye on your child, especially since you know them best. Between the excitement of playing with friends and being in a new environment, many kids tend to misplace items at daycare. While you want to encourage your child to share with others, you also want to make sure that he or she returns home with everything they went to daycare with. Thanks to companies that specialize in durable labels, you can rest assured your child’s belongings are clearly labeled as their own. Read on to find out how to best utilize labels to get your child’s belongings home safe and sound.

  1. Choose Unique Designs

When choosing the right labels for your child’s things, consider adding a unique design to the sticker. For example, many companies offer unique themes such as dinosaurs or astronauts. You can pick these designs with your child to ensure that he or she is familiar with the labels. If your child is enthusiastic about the design, it can reinforce their awareness of what objects belong to them. They will have an easier time identifying their things at daycare and are more likely to bring them back home.

  1. Label Jackets

At daycare, jackets are constantly being taken on and off for playtime. Kids may throw their jackets on the floor and get them mixed up with other children’s coats in the process. Even if your child’s jacket gets mixed up at daycare, keeping a label in it will ensure it gets back to you. Jackets can be expensive, and you don’t want to have to buy new ones simply because your child’s old one’s can’t be returned to you.

  1. Waterproof Labels

While labeling your child’s belongings is a great way to help them learn responsibility and ensure their things get back home, accidents happen. Roughhousing can cause labels to wear and peel off. If you want durable labels that can last through anything, including spills, then you may want to consider purchasing a set of waterproof labels for your child’s belongings. They come in a variety of shapes and can still be personalized to help your child better identify what is theirs at daycare. You can let your child simply be a kid without having to worry about the integrity of the labels.

When you send your kid to daycare, you don’t want to have to worry about their things making it home. Thanks to good quality labels, your child can enjoy sharing and playing. The unique labels will help your child identify what is theirs and make sure that they bring it home as well. However, even if they forget, the labels will provide the necessary information for your child’s belongings to be returned safe and sound back home. If you’re interested in getting labels for your child’s things, then don’t hesitate to place an order today.