4 Things to Think About When Choosing Personalized Labels for Kids

Kids have a tendency to lose their belongings or just put them in the strangest places without telling you, so how can you make sure that the items you send to school with them return to you at the end of the day? Personalized labels are the way to go, but there are a few things to consider before choosing the labels for your kids.

  1. Are The Labels Waterproof?

Depending on what you put the labels on, checking up on this fact could keep you from ruining the labels after just a few uses! If the labels are for cups or containers that would be washed in the dishwasher, you have to make sure the labels can last through a wash. The same applies to kids clothing labels since you will be washing the jackets or hats that you choose to put labels on. You can find personalized waterproof labels at Baby Smiles Labels, with a wide variety of choices that your kids will be sure to love.

  1. Do The Labels Display Contact Information?

If the labels are simply to keep up with your child’s belongings at school, where he or she can easily be identified by just a name, then contact information may not be necessary. However, children have a habit of losing their belongings in more places than just at school! Museums, playgrounds, stores, and many other places could all end up with your child’s missing item. If a stranger picks up the item and sees just a name, they won’t know who it belongs to, but if there is contact information then they can just give you a call and you’ll know right where the item went missing!

  1. Are You Putting the Labels in Safe Places?

Consider your child’s safety before displaying their full name on an item that can be seen by strangers. Items such as cups, containers, and lunchboxes usually all go inside of their backpack, so those shouldn’t be a big concern. As for clothing, however, such as jackets, hats, and shoes, be sure to attach the label on the inside. That way, it is easy to spot when the item is off and somebody picks it up, but you also aren’t displaying your child’s name to anyone who may walk past.

  1. Are You Choosing the Right Sizes?

Different objects may call for different sized labels. Baby Smiles Labels offers an option on sizes so that you don’t end up with labels that are too big or small for the item you are attaching them to. Consider which option may be the best choice for your needs! Smaller labels may be needed for small pieces of clothing, pens, or other school necessities, whereas the regular-sized labels would be perfect for bags or jackets!

There are many benefits to adding labels to your child’s belongings! Labels just make it easier for everyone, so be sure to keep these points in mind and check out the variety of great designs from Baby Smiles Labels!